Monday, July 26, 2010


So, I've seen this movie twice, and I really like it, But it seems there's speculation a brewing on the netterbutts about what the ending of the movie was.

If you haven't seen it, check it out.  If you have, read on...

The two theories going around right now, probably in a heated debate by some of the more rabid fantards out there who are still arguing over who would win in a fight between Jacob and Edward, is that either A) he actually went home and was reunited with his children, and that the top or whatever the hell it was fell over shortly after it started to wobble; or B) it was all a dream.

I think there is some shit about him being dead also, but fuck that.

Clearly, the "happier" ending is that it wasn't a dream and that he actually did get to go back home to his children.  He did complete the job successfully, and the top did start to wobble.  So it seems perfectly plausible.

I completely don't buy that though, and its for the simplest reason:  the entire time, his totem was never his.  It was his wife's.  He knew that in dreams, it would never topple, but she killed herself, as a result of his inspiration, and he took it as a keep sake of her, so whether he was dreaming or not, he would make it, in his mind, topple over when he wanted to believe he was not dreaming.  So using it as his totem would completely defeat the purpose of it.  That's the main thing to make me believe it was all a dream.

There are other things, too, inconsistencies with his memories.  I don't know how well they can be trusted as proof one way or another though, because there is no way to know how much time has passed in the movie.  The main thing I'm talking about here has to do with his children, and that being how when he talked to them on the phone they sounded like they were a good few years older than they were when he showed the memory of him leaving to Ariadne, which was coincidentally the same memory shown of the kids at the end of the movie.  Like I said, I think this relies too much on speculation to be definitive proof, so I stick with the totem theory as my proof.

Big finale here:  does it really matter?  Absolutely not.  Its a movie.  Its something I watch when I'm bored, and something I talk with my friends about when we're bored.  Nothing more, nothing less.

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