Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm liking this...

I've been contemplating getting a new phone for a while now, as the one I have currently was old news when I got it (I'm rockin a T-mobile G1).  The only problem is, the options of phones I have is pretty shitty, as T-mobile never had the best selection.  I was thinking about getting the Nexus One, but Google's crazy ass is retarded if they think I'ma just drop 300 bucks on a phone without playing with it first.

Samsung might be changing that, based on this.  The newest version of Andriod, 1ghz processor, 4" touchscreen, and I get to dick around with it in the store to see if it works for me?  Sounds like a strong candidate for an upgrade.  Plus I have a month to save up in case I decide I like it.

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