Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's pretty desolate on the brink...

So, I had been wanting to play borderlands for a while, but I just never got around to it.  I picked it up about a week ago though, so I am finally seeing if it lives up to the reputation it has garnered in my knowledge circle.  So far, I'm kind of undecided on it.

To be honest, I hadn't really heard anything definitively good or bad about the game.  The only things I have heard about it are the usual things one hears:  Its really fun, but there's this one boss...

The only thing is, "this one boss..." should have been "every 5th enemy you fight..."  But whichever, a challenge in a game is a good thing every now and again.  It gives me a goal to drive for.  Tough, sure.  Aggravating, absolutely.  But possible.

I'm playing through as a soldier for no reason other than I could.  Based on how the game plays, I'm guessing the only purpose for the choice was to give players a little variety with the action skills.  That's cool, because chances are at some point ill be more keen to pick this game up again to play through as a hunter or something.

I like how the game has a skill-up system in place for the various weapon types, because I don't like to be locked down by a choice that I liked early on, that ends up not being too good for a specific thing later.  Case in point, before I started I was leaning heavily towards the hunter because I like the idea of sniping dudes before they can see me.  Heh, that would have been the COMPLETELY wrong choice for this game.  I'm happy I chose the soldier and am able to build my sniping skill up as I play.

I actually really like the multiplayer in this game also.  I like being able to drop in and out as I please without having to worry about screwing the other people over because I have things to do.

I'm currently really liking this game, here's hoping it stays that way.

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