Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Playstation Plus?... I think not.

Picked this up over at Kotaku.

Wow this is just an INCREDIBLE waste of money.  At least right now.

For those that are too lazy to click the link, what you basically need to know is Sony finally launched its Playstation Plus service, which was supposed to be a membership based thing where people who subscribe get shit for free, and early access to other shit.  Right now, you are just paying 50 dollars for shit you either already had, or shit you don't want.

Its major thing right now seems to be the 1 hour full trial of inFamous.  Fucking dumb.  The download is 7 gigabytes, and having played the game myself, the first hour is pretty boring.  I guess though, if you are too scared to go out and just pick the game up for 30 bucks, because you should just do that because it is pretty awesome, downloading the free 60 minute trial over 2 days and then just buying the game for a combined total of 80 dollars makes sense...

The other thing it has is if you sign up for the service, you get wipeout HD and a couple of Playstation minis games for free as well... which have a combined total of maybe 30 bucks if you were to just buy them outright, and you could use them forever and ever instead of until you end your Playstation Plus service.

They also try to sell you with 25% and 50% discounts on a bunch of old old old Playstation Store games.  I'm not saying this is a bad idea, I'm just saying if you haven't bought those games by now, you probably never were going to.

So, am I saying that Playstation Plus is just an overall bad idea?  Right now, yes.  But maybe, when they decide to add more and more desired content to the service, it might be worth your while, but as an early adopter, I see only buyer's remorse and frustration.

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