Friday, July 2, 2010

Unpopular games die often

From Joytstiq.

I'm only commenting on this for one reason, and that is because the quote at the end...

"'I am afraid that my long lasting relationship with SCEA/E/J products end 9/30,' one fan commented..."

Really?  People still think idle threats like that will magically make a company say "ok, fine, we'll keep it open just for you"?

News flash:  While they may tell you "We are sorry to be losing your business" to your face, what they are really telling you is "So what?  You are one person out of 100s of millions.  You will not be missed."

Companies do not start and stop because a singular individual was looking for a hobby.  They form out of a recognized large demand for a specific service.  Sometimes they take chances and offer a new experience, and if it catches on, they will continue to offer it.  But if it is seen to be marginally or non-profitable, they will discontinue it.  Its the way making money works.

Why don't you go dust off your Barcode Battler toys and give them a spin again, for old times sake.  You chose the wrong hobby, get over it.

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