Monday, June 21, 2010

Sequels inbound

Infamous 2 and Dead Space 2. I'm looking forward to both of these.

Starting with Infamous 2, this one I'm really excited about. The original is one of my favorite games, and is one of very few games I have played multiple times. If you haven't played it, pick it up some time.

So, I was reading about this game in and I saw that they are changing the look and personality of the character. I don't like this move. They cited that players of the original didn't like him because he was so dejected and an asshole. Given the context of what he was going through, I'd say it was justified. It fit the character well, and hearing his voice change as the game went on was a nice, subtle touch.

Also coming will be additional elemental powers the player can use. This will be a welcome change. Options are always nice. What are they? I don't know. But I'm looking forward to it.

The setting also changes to New Orleans, rather than the fictional city the first game took place in.

Dead Space. I jumped on this game late, so I was expecting it to be scary as hell. Of course, you can't trust hype. But that's cool, cause what no one was really talking about was how tight the game was. Everything controlled exactly the way it was supposed to, nothing felt like it was holding me back.

This second game still has you playing as the same dude. I'm not trying to give anything away, but I just don't see how that makes sense. If you played the first game, you know what I mean. Unless I just have no idea what the end of the first game really was.

Anyway, the sequel has you exploring one of the moons of Saturn I think, checking out the site of the first planet crack the company you work for did. The first game had you checking out a ship that sent out an S.O.S. and you were supposed to go rescue them, come to find out the entire crew went crazy and killed each other and got reanimated as these things called necromorphs. Basically alien zombies.

You eventually find out that everyone on the ship was converting to this religion called Unitology. I'm not making any claims here, but it to me it felt like the developers were straight up making fun of Scientology. That's cool with me. I don't particularly trust those goes. But that goes the same for any religious institution for me, so we'll just leave that alone.

The whole concept of this Unitology nonsense is that, while doing the planet cracks, the workers found all these strange relics, started feeling weird when they got near them, and started worshiping them. None of them realized though what the relics were doing, and eventually everyone who was near the relics for too long went crazy and started killing people, and turned into necromorphs.

Back to the sequel, you go back I guess to the "source" of the necromorphs. You are checking out the moon and exploring the origins of the Church of Unitology, which I'm going to assume means that the company you work for isn't really cracking planets to mine materials as the first game leads you to believe, but rather to hunt down more and more of these Unitology relics. It intrigues me, so im looking forward to it. I don't expect much to change game-play wise. Everything worked well in the first game, and you don't fuck with shit that ain't broke.

These games will be staying on my radar, and if they peak your interest, you should pick up the originals of both, I think you can get either for 20 bucks a piece.

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