Friday, August 13, 2010

14 years later, and people still can't accept the fact.

I'll not deny it, Final Fantasy 7 is very high on my favorite games list.  However, I have no delusions that Aeris was a shitty character, and that she is dead and is never coming back.  Some tools can't let that go. 
She's dead, and she is not coming back.  When people die, they are gone.  That's how it works.

What I find even more hilarious regarding this ongoing storm of butthurt and baby tears, is that if you actually pay attention to the game, you realize that she knew she had to die anyway.  She wasn't killed.  She was sacrificed.  Martyred maybe?  I don't know what the proper word here is, but the fact remains the same, she died because she knew she had to.

What am I talking about?  Well, when Bugenhagen asks you to take him to the City of the Ancients, and he tell you about the White Materia Holy and how its purpose is to stop Meteor, he very plainly states that for it to work, a soul has to pray to Holy, and then return to the lifestream.  How does one return to the lifestream?  They die, and become one with the planet.

Aeris is dead.  She had to die.  Move on.

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