Saturday, September 11, 2010

Singularity Part 2

So that was a pretty short game...
10 or 12 hours later, I have once again saved the world.  About the same amount of time it takes to play through Dead Space.

I beat the game on normal first, because I like the level of challenge that difficulty generally gives while I myself comfortable with a game's controls, as well as learn how the various enemies act.  Then I play through the game on a harder difficulty, and depending on how they made hard more difficult than normal, ill play through the game again and get completely frustrated for one reason or another.

I think I'll be finishing this one on hard.  The only thing I have noticed that has change is enemies deal more damage, and they are a bit tougher to kill, and in some spots, they are more.  I like this, as opposed to Dead Space's approach, where ammo and money drops were halved to make the game more difficult.  I hate that kind of difficulty increase.

Anyway, this game is pretty good.  A lot of people will likely notice how strikingly similar it is to Half-Life.  And that is fine with me, for 2 reasons:  1) Half-Life was pretty damn awesome;  and 2) I'm pretty understanding of the fact that having an honest to god ORIGINAL idea these days is pretty difficult.

The end of the game was honestly something I wasn't expecting, completely damn funny, and completely logical.  Well, not completely logical.  There is actually one big question of "what the fuck would really happen in that situation?"  But aside from that, its a good ending and it works well.

Graphically, the game looks great.  Death animations are pretty awesome too, with some of the ways you can kill people.  The enemy designs aren't that varied, which gets kinda boring after a while, There are really only 7 or 8 different enemy models, but that's whatever.

The weapon selection is shit though.  Horrible.  Pistol, assault rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle, grenade launcher, rocket launch, autocannon, and 2 special weapons, only one of which is really worthwhile, known as the seeker and the spikeshot.  The seeker is a pretty fun weapon, because it allows you to fire a bullet, and then steer it around the environment as you see fit, great for hitting enemies without really wanting to aim.  The only problem is if you are in a constricted area, you'll most likely end up hitting the walls.

The main problem with most of these weapons though isn't they are boring, its that their maximum available ammo is generally 20 or 24.  I burn through ammo like fuck me in console FPS's because its pretty damn hard for me to aim with those stiff ass joysticks (lawls.  Yeah, I just said that), and most times I end up firing into oblivion.  The other problem is I fucking hate reloading.  Why?  Because generally when you have to do it takes place in 2 situations:  1)  You are surrounded by 100 dead guys, and you reload so you can pick up the maximum amount of ammo you can; or 2) You are surrounded by 100 dudes.

I hate small clip sizes, so I generally use guns that have the largest available magazine sizes so I can focus more on hitting the enemies than aiming.  So once I had the option and it became feasible, my weapons of choice where the assualt rifle and the autocannon (minigun), and I just went to town on the enemies.

The last thing to talk about is the Time Manipulation Device (TMD).  This thing was really underutilized in the game I think.  Its primary use is puzzle solving.  And cheating, but we'll talk more about that later.

Anyway, the TMD can do a few things, such as cause objects and enemies to rapidly decay, cause objects to revert to a newer state, allow you to levitate items, and pull things that are out of "phase" with the current time you are in (its best to just think of this as they object is in an alternate dimension, and you are pulling it from that dimension).  It Also gives you a limited ability to stop time, and a melee attack called Impulse, which is an attack the sends an energy wave at enemies and blasts them apart.

So, about the cheating this thing lets you do.  I totally think the designers didn't think this one through all the way, because once you get this ability for the TMD called Deadlock, you are damn near invincible.  The way this works is you charge up this energy sphere, and you can walk around with it ready for as long as you feel like, and when you come across a group of enemies, you throw it in the middle of them, walk into the area of effect, and rack up on headshots.  After you have killed all those enemies, and the effect of the Deadlock is still active, you charge up another one and repeat the process until all enemies are dead.

Nothing is immune to this tactic  Sure, some enemies take more head shots than others, but NO enemies is immune the power of the Deadlock.  Except this one big motherfucker, but you have bigger problems to deal with than the Deadlock not working on it when you fight it.

Like I said, the game is fun, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes FPS games.  I can't think of anything I don't like about the game.  Even the Deadlock cheapness is fun because when you have 5 or 6 people inside one, you can go in and shoot various parts of their bodies, walk outside the area of effect, and then deactivate the Deadlock, and then watch them dance around like marionettes as they react to the various shots you put into them.  Just make sure you stick around to the end of the credits so you can have yourself a nice little mindfuck as you try to wrap your head around the ramifications of what you see.

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