Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I've been curious about this game since I originally read about it a year or so ago.  It released a little over a month ago I think, and I completely was not aware of it.

So this is the first video game I have talked about in a while, and its the first new one I have played in a while also.  Here's hoping its good.

The basic story is those crazy russians decided to try and figure out a way to travel through time or some such, and basically fucked that shit all up, and now what they call a "singularity" (Which is basically just a black hole.  Something about a singularity event.  I don't know, I'm not Steven Hawking.  Maybe they were working on a different version of the LHC and they proved the fears about it creating a black hole true) has shown up and is threatening the entirety of the planet, so, in true video game fashion, some American soldiers get sent in to fix that shit.

I've been playing Demon's Souls a lot lately, because that game is amazing, but hopefully I will not have wasted my money with this game.  I'm just getting really tired of killing Russians or Nazis over and over again.  Why can't it be Argentinians.  Or Indonesians?  You know, just to mix it up for once.

Or just some cracked out Americans.  Cause really, thats more plausible than damn near any other fiction setting. 

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