Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blu-Rays and New Movies

I was talking with this dude I work with tonight, and he told me "I'll be joining the Blu-Ray club soon."  Turns out he ordered himself a Blu-Ray player and had already ordered The Last Samurai on Blu-Ray.   Then he proceeded to ask me what kind of movies I thought he should buy...

Honestly, I don't really know how to answer that question.  To me its a simple matter of, "I have an HDTV, I should make use of that."  He was asking if I thought that there was anything special about certain types of movies that make them better in Blu-Ray as opposed to just watching upscaled DVDs.

That's kind of a yes and no question.  To me, Blu-Ray is mainly about picture clarity, so that's what I like about it.  I have a pretty decent swath of movies on Blu-Ray:  comedy, action, drama, with titles like The Departed, Tropic Thunder, Crash, Boondock Saints 2, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Transformers, and Iron Man.  I don't prefer to watch any of them over another for any reason other than what I feel like watching; how they look on Blu-Ray is really a minor point of concern.  They all look great because of the picture clarity, which is why I like Blu-Ray.

I had well over 300 DVDs at one point, but I sold a bunch of the movies I didn't really care for to get an XBox 360 a few years back.  The ones I kept, I don't really see a pressing need to trade in for Blu-Ray versions, save for 2 - Serenity and The Big Lebowski - and the only reason I would for those is because they are 2 of my favorite movies.  But, seeing as how I have an HDTV and a Blu-Ray player, not buying any thing solely on Blu-Ray from here on out is just a waste of technology.

So, to recap, if you have an HDTV and a Blu-Ray player, just make any future purchases Blu-Ray purchases.

As to the "New Movies" part of this post:  Go watch Machete.  It's everything you can hope for:  pointless fantastic killing, and lots of beautiful women naked just because.  Other good watches are Going the Distance and The Expendables.

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