Saturday, August 21, 2010

I r Excite!!

I like T-Mobile.  They are a good service provider in my experience, and I have never had an issue with them.  The only thing I don't particularly like about them is the lack of awesome featured smartphones.  They often get a smartphone that can do this or that, but have something I just do not like about them, for example, the HTC HD2.  Awesome phone, nice specs and all that... but it runs Windows Mobile 6.5.

If that phone ran Android Native, I'd have been all over it.

Well, tmonews and engadget have good news for me.  And you, if you are like me.

I got my G1 about a year ago, and I have pretty much loved it ever since.  Before that I had a Blackberry Curve, which, at the time, yes, I did like it, but I dropped it at work one day and the thing got all kinds of fucked up.  So I went to the T-Mobile store, looking to get a replacement, turns out I didn't have insurance on the damn thing, so I had to buy a full price new phone, and said fuck it and got the G1.

After that, wow, the thought of using Blackberry, with its rigid all work no play UI just seemed retarded.  Android was an instant hit with me.

However, when I got the phone, I didn't really realize how long it had been on the market, and the fact that it was quickly being outdated.  I didn't mind, I really liked it (and I still do, I just want something with a larger screen).  But then I started hearing about this android phone, or that android phone, releasing on different carriers, and I was like "man, those sound nice."

Jump to a year later, and I guess you can call it envy, but all these phones coming out with 512 megs of storage, or in the case of the Vibrant, 16 gigs of internal storage, and 1 ghz and 1.5 ghz and dual core 1.2 ghz processors... I'm starting to feel a little behind the times with my phone.  So, contract is about up, I guess I should start looking at new phones.  The Vibrant still looks like a good choice, but then I heard about the G2, and its hundreds of different names.

Why does the G2 interest me?  Slide out keyboard.  I'm a sucker for those, and I was seriously considering switch to Sprint and picking up the Epic 4G.  But now the G2 has been apparently officially announced, so I'm excited.  I wish I knew more about it though, but from best I can tell the thing is basically just a Nexus One with a slide out keyboard.  Here's hoping its more though.

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