Friday, October 8, 2010


So, I got myself the G2, and I gots to say, I'm happy I did.  But some people are not so happy with Apple.

Starting with the G2, I have been waiting for this phone for a while.  When the G1 originally came out, it was 2 months after I bought my first, only, and last ever Blackberry device.  It was the Curve 8320, and while I liked it while I had it, the "I'm serious business" design of it kinda killed me.  And the keyboard got loose and started clicking when I typed text messages after a while.  It was a good phone, I liked it while I had it, but for all that it could do, it was too business and not enough consumer for me.

I had it for like, 9 months I think, when one day it would just start freezing up and when I restated it, no matter how full the battery was when I turned it off, when I would finally get it restarted, the battery would be drained to less than 20%.  After a week of that happening non-stop, I said fuck it and went to the T-mobile store to see about getting a replacement.  Well, by this time, the phone was discontinued, so that was a no go, and they offered me a newer version of the Curve, but I didn't want another, so I checked out some of the phones they had, picked up the G1, and almost immediately fell in love with it.  So I bought it, for full price.  The only problem I had with that phone was occasionally it would just completely stop sending text messages.  Weirdest thing.  I would have full signal, but it just would not send shit.

As much as I liked it, it was a year old at this point, and Android was picking up popularity, and my phone was quickly becoming outdated.  I still liked it, and it still worked, and I had no desire to buy a newer, more powerful phone so that I could play all the cool games that were beginning to emerge on the Android Market.

But then about 2 months ago I dropped it at work, and the LCD panel cracked.  And then a week later I dropped it again and pixels started dieing.  Fast.  But I was determined to hold out for a phone to come out on T-mobile that would give me everything the G1 did.

All I kept hearing about was this project emerald shit, so I kept thinking "they need to make an upgraded version of the G1."

And then they announced it, and then I knew exactly what I was going to get, it was just a matter of waiting.

So here I am now, with my G2, and I love it and all its functionality.

I had read about the storage and loose hinge issues, but they didn't really concern me.  The hinge issue didn't because you really have to hold the phone with a pretty specific grip to make it happen, and the storage issue is completely whatever because the phone supports micro SD cards.

Awesome phone.  If you are on T-mobile, I would recommend it over any other phone they have.  If you are with a different carrier, I'm not going to try to persuade you away.  I like T-mobile's service, which is why I have kept them for 7 years, you all are likely in a similar position.

But on to the new nerd rages part of this post...

The actual article linked is not my point of concern, its the comments section. 

Apparently, the iPhone 4 has all kinds of problems, this most recent being that tiny particles stuck inside slide on cases can scratch the glass on the back, and if repeatedly put on and taken off, can case the case to shatter.  People are calling this an iPhone flaw.  They are fucking retarded.  That is a glass flaw.

ANY sort of glass can have the exact same thing happen to it.  If anything, it is completely user error.

Cases are accessories, nothing more.  Some people say that the case gives an extra layer of protection if dropped, or they get those Otter cases or whatever and say the phone is waterproof...

I don't buy either of those.  If you put a case on a phone, its more than likely made of plastic, which is somewhat flexible, which means even if you drop it, the phone can still flex as it hits the ground, which means there is still a chance to cause the screen to shatter.  But there is also the possibility of damaging the internal components.  Cases can reduce the chance of that happening, but nothing more.

As to those Otter cases, find a friend that uses one and chuck their phone in a lake and see how well that shit works.  I bet most would not even contemplate letting you try it.  What are you scared of?  Its waterproof.

Anyway, I'm rambling.  back to the comments.  Them shits is funny.  They generally devolve to the stand slew of "Apple steals my money!!" or the standard fair of "This company doesn't have that problem!"

The first type of response... get over yourselves.  You willingly purchase every Apple product you buy, and if you hate them so much, bring them back and demand a refund.  Don't take the replacement they talk you into accepting.  If you think its a piece of shit, and you keep taking replacement pieces of shit, you are doing it because YOU think there is something special about owning an Apple product, and that is a mentality you can blame on no one but yourself, and you genuinely lose all grounds to talk shit about the products in any serious capacity.  I have an iPod.  Why?  Because I wasn't really that into the idea of looking for a portable media player, but my friend convinced me that having one was a nice thing, so I went and bought one.  And yeah, I love my iPod.

But I don't like a huge number of other Apple products, mainly because for me, they are not practical.  Not because I think their is something inherently wrong with them.

For example, I DO NOT like the iPhones.  At all.  But I love my G2.  The irony here though, is that, on a functionality level, Android and iOS are EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

Android fanboys will look at that statement and say "But android is different because you can customize it!"

Fuck you.  I don't know how to customize shit.  I don't care about "rooting" my phone, and all the other shit they laud about android, and I can guarantee over 90% of the other people in the world who will use Android don't give a shit about it either.

Apple people will laud the iPhone's simplicity and innovation.

Again, fuck you.  The original iPhone was innovative, because of how it changed a person's perspective of what to expect from cell phones.  As for simplicity, sometimes that can be a bad thing.  Case in point, how long did it take for iPhone users to be able to put a custom background on their phone? 

I'm not saying one platform is better than the other, because neither is better than the other.  I flat out do not like the iPhone, because it is too simple, and, like I said above, key functionality that most people are accustomed to in every day life that was just recently added, such as multitasking and folders and the like, and, most importantly, because it does not have a physical keyboard.

The last one is not unique to the iPhone though, now is it?  No, there are lots of Android based phones that done have a physical keyboard either.  But my G2 does, which is why I like it, which is why I bought it.  And because I PREFER Android to iOS.

Preference people, preference.

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