Friday, November 12, 2010

Crazy People...

Three stories about crazies killing people today, all from Kotaku.  Links after the jump...


These 2 should most definitely be tried as adults...

This one is just depressing.

The first one, meh, the dude just has anger issues.  He was playing some madden.  Maybe some NCAA.  Probably the latter.  I don't know WHAT the fuck the obsession with college football is.  People are fucking crazy.

Anyway, he was playing some virtual pigskin, got pissed about something, got into an argument with his friend, and killed him.  Were drugs and/or alcohol involved?  Who knows, but that dude is serious about his game.

The second one, these 2 kids were just fucked up.  What they did to that girl, no video game has you act out anything remotely similar to that

The last one, just wow.  There are so many things that could be said, so many opinions, so many facts, so many slanderous comments.  But, just, wow.

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