Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Its been a while...

I know, its been like, 6 months.  Shit happens, get off my back.  Most notably that I started going back to school.

In the meantime though, I just haven't been playing very many games, or if the ones I have been, I'm apparently not allowed to talk about...

The ones I have been playing, that I CAN talk about, well, where to start...

I'm going to start with the one that I hated, obviously, and that is an older game, Eternal Sonata.

I beat this game purely out of spite.  Of all the games I have hated this console generation, I think it is only comparable to Dragon Age: Origins.  The combat system in the game was cool, I will give it that.  It was like a weird mix of Xenogears and Valkyria Chronicles (still my favorite game for PS3).  Basically, you got a few seconds to make your movement and your actions, and with some items, you would gain additional time as you hit your targets.  You never had more than 5 seconds though, so you had to be quick.  The only downside to the system, was they had this mechanic called "Party Level," which was basically just there to piss you off by decreasing the time you had to do important things.

Everything else was just a train wreck full of infants.

I couldn't at all tell you what the story of the game was, or what happened at the end, other than the fact that the game didn't even seem to know what was going on.  Some people could use magic because they were dieing, other people could use magic but the game didn't refer to it as magic because they were dieing, and something about dreams and this dude dieing and the world ending because it was all in his head and he died but the world didn't end because the game is fucking stupid and he came back to life and no one died and then the credits rolled while he was playing piano in a field of flowers.

Don't ask for clarification, I can't help you.

So yeah, the final verdict for this game: 16 titties covered in stretch marks that belong to the 8 bitches on the bitch boat.

Next up we have Dead Space 2.

This game is awesome.  Its formulaic and predictable like, the first one, but it is actually difficult, unlike the first one.  I'm running out of ammo and health packs all the time in this game.

The atmosphere of the game this time around feels a lot more immersive, which is a nice change from the first one, which was kinda meh.  People told me I needed to play it in the dark with the sound cranked up.  I did.  and I also beat the game loaded up on white russians.  It wasn't scary, it wasn't difficult, but it was a damn good game.

That carries over to this one as well.  I've been startled a few times, but never outright scared.  But much cooler things happen in this game.  This game does a better job of making you feel like you actually ARE Issac Clarke, and the world feels more alive and fleshed out.

Also, someone got not stupid for a moment and decided it might be a good idea to make the game play in native 1080p, which is fantastic for anyone that owns a PS3.  All developers need to take that protip and run with it.

So, what's different about this game?  Enemies will kick your fucking ass, but then treat you to some hilariously awesome death scenes.  Its seriously worth dieing sometimes just to watch them.  Plus, you'll probably have fucked up in the fight more than a few times anyway, and since you are going to need to restart anyway, you might as well get a treat.  Which leads me to what is different about this game.

In the first Dead Space, there were very few times where you fought large groups of enemies at one time.  Usually, it was 2 or 3 enemies that you had to deal with, you would take 5 or 6 steps, then 2 or 3 more would pop up, and then that big motherfucker that can't die would come along and you would have to run.  Formulaic.

In this game, its generally 19 or 20  monsters all at once, you run out of ammo, then it is 20 minutes of walking through dark corridors and the game trying to freak you out with its creepy atmosphere (people talking to you, alarm clocks going off, bodies falling from the ceiling), and then you come across a store and you resupply only to lose all your health packs and ammo in 15 minutes.  Formulaic.

Its not at all a bad thing though.  It actually makes it more fun.  You can't just stand in one place and funnel the enemies through and cut off legs one at a time.  Those asshole will pop up behind you before you know it, So you have to stay moving, which also gives the enemies a chance to pop up in other places around you as well.  It makes the combat feel more life threatening.

I haven't beat the game yet, though I'm eager to.  I've heard people say the story isn't as compelling as the first game, but I've played the first game a few times now, and I can safely say, the first game didn't have that amazing a story to begin with:  The world started destroying planets to mine resources, they found alien technology on one planet, scientologists went nuts.

In this game, you went nuts cause the scientologists went nuts, the government tries to destroy the scientologists, scientologists try to harvest your brain so they can make more alien technologies.

Spare me lame lines about the story being weaksauce.

Also, the origin of the necromorphs still is not explained.  Are they zombies?  Are they aliens?  Are they zombaliens?  I don't know.  Clearly all have to be true though, because they are necromorphs, and some of the shit you see in the game is not at all human.  Maybe when I beat this game it'll make more sense.

It's a good game, and it should be purchased by many people.

Lastly, we have this tasty little gem for Android and iOS (currently) called Dungeon Defenders.

It has problems, mainly being that playing it on a phone is incredibly restictive, and the other being that playing it on a phone makes the online interface horrible, but holy shit is it fun.  It takes time to play it and get anything meaningful done, so only pick it up if you are looking for a srs bsns game to play.

It's supposed to be releasing on PC, 360, and PS3 sometime soon, and I will definitely be picking up a full version of the game for one of those 3.

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