Friday, March 11, 2011

Sometimes, publishers need to suck a fat horse cock

Because of shit like this.   from

Ok, I'm all for community enforcement and bannings and such for acting a fool and being a cock and cheating and general assfuckery, but to completely lock out a person from playing games they have legitimately purchased because they hurt your feelings is a bit pre-schoolish.

Further, the statement that led to his banning kind of proves his point in and of itself.  Express your opinion, and lose access to over 200 dollars worth of content you have paid for.  And with this all this shit of putting in your registration code and all the other forms of anti-piracy that are around, its not as simple as just making a new account to access games you legitimately paid for.

This is especially intersting for me to read, as i bought Dead Space 2 this past week, and upon putting it into my PS3, I was told I needed to enter a code to access the online content of the game.  This code was included in my copy of the game, which was purchased brand new.  I go to put this code in, and I am told it is either invalid, or already used, and to use the online features of the game, I would need to purchase a new code, which is 10 bucks.

Fuck that.  Playstation network access is free, cocksuckers.  I should not need to make an EA account to play this game on my PS3, which I already have access to, and play games over the Playstation network, which is FREE TO ACCESS to play content I have ALREADY PURCHASED.

Now, this dude was talking about playing Dragon Age 2.  But the game in question doesn't really matter.  If he acted like an asshole in online space, fucked around with people in an online community, cheated, or just pissed the developers off for one reason or another, likely because he called them out on making shit games, then ban him from using the online features of those games.  There is no god damn reason whatsoever to need to block his access to non-social aspects of the game because he may or may not know how to act like an adult, other than to prove that you are, in fact, the Devil, and you are fucking with him just because you can because you want to rub in his face the fact that you have more money than he does.

And yes, fuck anyone out there who disagrees, BioWare hasn't made a decent game since Baldur's Gate 2 on the Gamecube.  And thats because the didn't really make it.  They just owned the rights to the franchise so they could slap their name on it.  All their other games are the same:  mediocre action with way too fucking much dialogue.  The stuff in between the dialogue is just a platform to get you to the next bit of dialogue, because figuring out how to fuck Morrigan is what the real game is.

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