Saturday, May 7, 2011

PlayStation Notwork

So its still down.  Almost three weeks later.

I personally don't really care.  Like I said, what I was most looking forward to was playing some sweet sweet Dungeon Defenders when it was finally released, but for some reason, that doesn't look to be coming out anytime soon...

What pisses me off about this whole thing is the commentators and the spectators.

"Why wasn't I notified about my information being stolen sooner?!"

"Why haven't you brought it back online yet?!"

"Why did they let this happen?!"

Shut up, bitches.  Shit happens.

This is the result of a digital society.  As more and more companies push towards digital distribution -- a change that is wholly driven by societies embracing of it -- the chance of something like this becomes more and more real.

Netflix can have it happen to them, just as XBox Live, Rhapsody, Facebook, MySpace, PayPal, whatever.

It happened to Sony.  Shit happens.  You don't want it to happen, don't give your information to people.

And, news flash, 99% of the time that identity theft takes place, it takes place because people that profit from it are employed in fields that collect said information for corporations like Sony and Microsoft and whoever else.  The world is not a trust-worthy place.

Do people have a right to be angered by this?  Yeah, sure.  Sony does not, AT ALL, need to know my birthday, my address, or any number of other things about me.  Especially if all I am doing is playing some Mortal Kombat with a buddy who doesn't live next door or down the street.

Why they need all this information for me to access the PlayStation Network is beyond me.

Now there are people all over the place talking about "why did Sony let this happen?  Or why did they let this go so long before alerting customers?"

2 questions, 2 answers.

1.  They didn't "let" anything happen.  Someone targeted them, and they got got.

2.  Why did they wait so long?  Because of exactly what is happening right now.  They are being bombarded left and right with lawsuits, and questions, and interviews, and blah blah blah.  You can't fix a problem if you have someone breathing down your neck the whole fucking time.

People should have known, ON THEIR FUCKING OWN, that when someone says -- especially someone working in the field of data storage -- that there was an "external intrusion," YOU SHOULD FUCKING KNOW BY NOW IT MEANS THEY GOT HACKED AND YOUR SHIT POTENTIALLY GOT STOLEN.

It never means anything awesome like "hey man, someone broke into our system and make things work super awesome for us, so now you can get your head shots faster!", or "hey man, someone broke into our system and gave everyone free subscriptions to hustler!!"

No, it never fucking means that.  It means someone may have gotten a hold of your god damn credit card information.  Always.  Forever.  Until the end of the Earth.  Stop being stupid, and learn the lingo of YOUR information age.  Because this was perpetuated by no one but ourselves.

And it will never get to a point where that will ever NOT be the case.  It is a reality we have to live with as a factor of our society. 

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